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Frequently asked questions

What exactly is ScaleVoice?

ScaleVoice is a cutting-edge SaaS solution designed to automate Customer Operations, especially in sectors like used cars, insurance, and financial services. Using AI, we help businesses communicate with their customers efficiently, driving business outcomes and scaling operations.

How does ScaleVoice utilize AI in its system?

We utilize advanced LLMs, like OpenAI's GPT-4, coupled with state-of-the-art voice synthesis technology, to create AI bots that can automate voice calls. Moreover, these bots are trained with domain-specific data, making them particularly powerful and relevant for individual industries.

Do you only handle voice calls?

No, while voice calls are a primary focus, ScaleVoice is about automating Customer Operations across various channels, including Voice, Chat, Email, Whatsapp, and more.

What industries can benefit from ScaleVoice?

While our current primary focus is on the used cars sector, our solution is designed for any retail industry where complex products meet retail customers. This includes sectors like insurance, financial services, and travel.

How does ScaleVoice differ from its competitors?

Unlike many competitors that focus on automating customer support, ScaleVoice aims to drive business outcomes and scale operations. Our deep integration into company systems, combined with domain-specific AI training, sets us apart.

How can my company's best reps benefit from ScaleVoice?

Your top reps can train the AI bots, ensuring that the system uses your company's voice and branding optimally. Instead of making individual calls, they can guide and improve the bots, making their skills scalable and more impactful.

Can a real person intervene during an AI-led call if necessary?

Absolutely. Your representatives can either guide the bot through a chat prompt or directly take over the call. With the AI using the same voice as the rep, the transition is seamless, and the customer might not even notice.

Are you on a pair with real human reps?

Not yet, but we are close. However, our AI has different qualities, such as scalability, consistent branding, 24/7 availability, and efficiency, that make up for the small gap.

What kind of data can ScaleVoice integrate with?

We can delve into your SQL Database, CRM, ERP, and even your Excel sheets or CSV files. Plus, with our no-code integration, we can easily link with various other data sources that have customer information.

How does ScaleVoice maintain data privacy?

We uphold all data safety requirements, including GDPR. With SOC2 in progress, you can rest assured that we respect and prioritize your data privacy.

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